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Global Building Monitoring System (GBMS)

Chicago, IL

The City of Chicago is updating its Facilities’ Security, Fire Alarm & Building Automation Systems (BAS) into an online monitoring system via Niagara Building Automation software. This project is being done in phases, comprised of multiple projects spanning the course of 15 years. Thus far, Kenny Construction has conducted survey work to identify current issues within facilities followed by solutions to meet the City of Chicago’s standards. Design drawings are executed according to the needs of the facility, incorporating surveying engineers’ findings, and are reviewed closely by the client prior to permitting and actual construction. The scopes for the design and build project included Building Automation and Fire Alarm & Security Systems. Additionally, numerous mechanical systems were upgraded to incorporate additional controls and electrical work.


The Challenge

The buildings and facilities where these projects are taking place include highly sensitive areas managed by the City of Chicago include but are not limited to: public libraries, police stations, City Hall, police academies, emergency call centers, and the Chicago Cultural Center. These facilities are occupied during business hours and remain fully functional during construction. Working around the staff, which happen to include the City Council and Mayor, has proven to be a challenge as we do not want to interrupt their work day with any inconveniences. Furthermore, the buildings tend to be older and have obsolete systems, which poses a challenge for repair and maintenance of such antiquated systems.

The Solution

Our team has coordinated with various City departments to prepare for construction and ensure a seamless implementation process. Kenny Construction works with several experienced and reliable controls, electrical, fire protection, mechanical and security contractors to offer the best support and maintenance to each individual system. Working alongside the City and in tandem with our dependable subcontractors has proven to expedite these projects and allows us to get the job done.

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