Environmental Planning + Remediation

While all of our projects require environmental planning, delicate remediation projects such as brownfield site excavation, dewatering, dredging or channel reroutes require special environmental considerations. Our in-house environmental experts identify, evaluate, monitor and abate hazards quickly and efficiently, within all Federal ADEQ, EPA and other government regulatory compliance. We partner with public and private agencies, including the Bureau of Reclamation, National Park Service, Central Federal Lands and Tribal Entities. 

A Leader in Environmentally Responsible Operations

We constantly look for innovative ways to do business while lessening our environmental impact. In an ever-changing business environment with complex requirements and increasing concerns about our natural systems, we must be ever vigilant in advancing our business while remaining exceedingly aware of its effect on the natural environment.

Benefits of Green Construction + LEED

We seek out new, innovative ways to help our clients save energy, conserve natural resources and accomplish more with fewer environmental impacts. A cornerstone of our efforts is the use of recycled materials originating from construction materials produced in-house at Granite. Many of our civil infrastructure projects utilize 60 to 75 percent recycled material, often contributing to LEED Silver certification and higher.