Whatever road you travel, it is likely that Granite helped get you there. For more than 90 years, we’ve lead the industry in innovative road and highway construction. We partner with federal, state and private entities to design and build complex freeway systems that improve the safety of the traveling public. While smoothness, compaction and quality paving is the cornerstone of every project, our specialty lies in developing intricate traffic phasing plans and designing solutions for the largest and most complex roadway issues facing our country today.

Highway Infrastructure + Alternative Delivery

Coordination, collaboration, communication and critical thinking. All four C’s are required to build a successful highway project. Whether constructing a toll road, braided ramp systems, high-occupancy vehicle lanes or a simple pedestrian bridge, we’re at the forefront of evolving highway infrastructure in America. We promote alternative delivery to secure a safer, more sustainable and cost-efficient future for everyone.

Rural + Urban Roads

Paving the most remote areas of our nation—including the Lake Tahoe Basin, Grand Canyon and the Bureau of Indian Affairs—requires extensive coordination of high-quality materials. In urban settings, many of our local offices maintain job order contracts with local municipalities to service streets, intersections and more.