Demands continue to rise on our natural water resources

Conserving, protecting and channeling clean water is more than a vital part of our business—it’s an ethical obligation for sustainable development. Throughout the country we’ve constructed a variety of water infrastructure-related projects, from dams and flood control structures to reservoirs, zero-liquid-discharge (ZLD) wastewater treatment plants and lined canals for agricultural irrigation.

Trenchless and Pipe Rehabilitation Services

Thanks to its top-notch innovation, experience and customer service, Kenny Construction Company, a Granite subsidiary, is a national leader in the underground infrastructure industry. In addition to conventional techniques in underground construction, Kenny continually researches new technologies to serve an owner’s needs. The company holds licensing agreements for new trenchless technologies, including cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) rehabilitation, cured-in-place manhole lining (CIPMH) and glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) pipe renovation systems. These systems can improve the life of existing pipelines by improving structural and hydraulic characteristics while reducing project costs.

Water Transmission & Delivery

Over the last century, Granite has performed a vital role in constructing municipal and private water/wastewater distribution systems. Our expertise includes water mains, pipelines, sewers storage reservoirs and pumping stations. We proudly offer the capability and in-house resources for any size project.

Safety Enhancements for Dams, Locks and Reservoirs

Many complex factors go into assessing long-term viability of water flood control structures, including engineering, safety concerns, aquatic biology, water supply, fish and river restoration and land conservation. In the last 30 years, more than 10 dams have undergone removals. As the number two ranked contractor in the U.S. for dams and reservoirs, we offer intricate understanding of successfully constructing and deconstructing these structures.  

Benefits of Canal Lining

Canals can lose 30 to 50 percent of their irrigation water through seepage. Canal-lining technology such as compacted earth, reinforced concrete and buried geomembranes greatly aid in conservation. They also support agricultural lands and riparian habitat areas for beneficial use of water resources. Granite offers custom trenching as well as canal-lining equipment and techniques for speedy and cost-efficient solutions.