Granite Inliner is a leading provider of trenchless water and wastewater system renewal services. From our flagship Inliner® Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) to our glass-reinforced Inliner STX® UV-cured liners and technologies, we rehabilitate a broad range of gravity and pressure pipeline systems. Our approach saves time and money, while reducing disruption to the public and the environment.

Mainline Solutions

Granite Inliner offers a variety of mainline rehabilitation options, including thermal-cure CIPP, light-cure CIPP, and geopolymer application options.

Pressure Pipe Solutions

Granite Inliner provides AWWA Class IV solutions for pressure pipe renewal using CIPP technology for drinking water mainlines and wastewater force mains. These technologies utilize glass reinforced tube to withstand internal pressure while also accommodating external live loads for a fully structural solution without reliance on the host pipe.


Granite Inliner provides three primary solutions for renewing access structures: 1. Spray-applied geopolymer, a trenchless rehabilitation method applied by using a monolithic mineral polymer with ceramic properties; 2. Cured-In-Place Manhole (CIPMH), a solution that utilizes the same technology as our flagship CIPP product, and; 3. An epoxy-based, sprayed-in-place application.

Lateral Pipe Solutions

Granite Inliner’s lateral lining service, developed by LiquiForce, is a key process of our trenchless technology portfolio. Our process includes cleaning the existing lateral, electronically measuring it for a new custom liner and installing the new lateral liner from the mainline sewer.  All work is completed without access to a property line clean-out or within the home. 

Clients we Serve
Clients we Serve

Granite Inliner proudly serves municipal, industrial and institutional clients with the experience and diversity of solutions designed to meet the unique needs of any rehabilitation effort.

Vertical Integration
Vertical Integration

Granite Inliner champions Single Source Accountability in providing our customers with all services and associated materials, equipment, and labor to execute single or multiple projects of varying scope and size.


Inliner Technologies is a known, trusted resource within Granite Inliner and serves as the research and development group, providing innovation to the marketplace and supporting current product applications with design recommendations, feasibility and field process controls.

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