Granite Inliner has been installing thermal Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) for nearly 30 years and is a recognized leader in the industry. With over 35 million feet of CIPP successfully installed and in the ground, we have extended the service life of pipelines ranging in diameter from 6” up to 120”. In addition, we manufacture our own tubes through Liner Products which allows us to provide our clients with single-source accountability and assurance of strict quality control from manufacture to installation. 


Provide a quality no-dig solution that meets our customers’ needs for pipeline rehabilitation.

Bring our research and development, vertical integration, and years of experience together as the CIPP provider of choice in the industry.

Extend the service life and improve hydraulic capacities of existing pipelines while saving time and money over traditional dig-and-replace methods.


Traditional CIPP utilizes a resin-impregnated felt liner that is inverted or pulled-in-place using access thru manholes or drainage structures. This liner is then expanded within the existing pipe by filling it with water or air pressure. Once in place, hot water or steam is used to activate the catalyst contained within the resin which then hardens and creates the new pipe within the old. Ends are cut and trimmed within the structure utilized for access, service lateral connections are reinstated and the “new” pipeline is ready for normal operations and at much higher efficiencies.


Our customers have different needs and timeframes, whether working from an annual asset maintenance program or consent-ordered upgrades our services have been procured thru numerous alternative delivery methods, including design-bid-build, design-build, qualification-based selection, and cooperative  purchase agreements. This allows us to assist our clients in choosing the best contracting mechanism to meet imposed deadlines for system improvement and inflow/infiltration reduction.