Granite Inliner  offers innovative solutions for the restoration of pressure pipe including drinking water mains by leveraging our knowledge and experience in cured in place pipe applications and the latest installation technologies developed both  in-house and with the expertise of our material suppliers.

Value Proposition

Preserve uninterrupted water and wastewater services for residences and businesses within our scope and area of operations.

Uphold the best stewardship possible to the communities in which we serve by delivering the most sustainable asset restoration methods in the most economically feasible manner, regardless of the size or location of the community.

Provide guardianship to communities minimizing the impact of our projects to neighborhoods, local commerce, and traffic flow.

Technical Profile

An extensive degree of collaboration between the Granite Inliner team, our customers, and our material fabrication partners goes into the development of the optimized lining materials. Dependent upon the operating performance objectives of our customers, the lining materials are engineered and custom-manufactured to meet or exceed all design criteria. The most common profiles include the following range data:

  • Diameter Range: 6” to 48”
  • Design Rating Pressure: Up to 400 psi
  • Installation Lengths: Up to 1,000 LF
  • Finished Thickness: 3 – 15mm
  • NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certification
  • AWWA M28: Fully Structural (Class IV)


Streamlined CIPP Installation Process

Engineered, manufactured, and installed for a 50 year minimum service life, our CIPP installations follow a regimented and detailed process. Developed through extensive experience in a variety of scope environments, our teams deliver unparalleled results. Following detailed pre-job inspections, coordination with our in-house liner manufacturing team (or material partner for water applications), and site mobilization, the installation begins in a three-stage process: pre-installation, installation and curing, and post-installation.