Granite Inliner delivers state-of-the-art structures rehabilitation methodologies to restore manholes, vaults, and related structures to full operational capabilities. Our goal is to provide municipalities, federal entities, as well as private market customers with a highly cost-effective, streamlined, and minimally invasive solution to restoring their wet utility assets. Our methods include our cured-in-place manholes (CIPMH), cementitious applications, and epoxy-based applications.  

Value Proposition

Using best-in-class installation techniques, Granite Inliner teams have renewed the structural and hydraulic characteristics of aged, deteriorated structures, while simultaneously reducing project costs and public inconvenience.

  • Restore the structural integrity to structures through the creation of a water-tight, corrosion resistant structural lining.
  • Eliminate the deterioration and costly repairs associated costs infiltration and inflow in structures, while extending the service life to 50 years
  • Provide an environmentally sound approach to pipeline renewal by eliminating the need for excavation and soil disturbance.

In addition to renewal capabilities, Granite Inliner provides extensive manhole inspections, which is the first step in determining the best application(s) for improving sewer system performance. These comprehensive inspections, performed by individuals certified by the NASSCO Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP), provide a concise evaluation of the state of the structure, spanning from the cover/frame to the bench and base. 


Engineered for a service life of 50 years, CIPMH restores structural integrity, eliminating infiltration and inflow through structures. CIPMH installations produce a cured in place seal that resists freeze and thaw conditions and creates a water-tight, corrosion resistant structural lining. The liners are manufactured in-house, custom-fitted to manholes and related structures constructed of brick and mortar, pre-cast concrete or block. Our key manhole renewal superintendents have been certified through the NASSCO Inspector Training and Certification Program. Granite Inliner crews can complete preparation and installation in the same day, eliminating lead time for ordering materials. Our crews routinely complete three to seven installations per day/per crew. The liner will cure under ambient temperature and pressure in one to two hours.