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Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness

Your health is important to us. We offer a wellness program that helps our employees get and stay healthy. The program includes health education, medical screenings, health coaching and weight management programs.

Giving Back
Giving Back Together

As part of our mission to make a lasting difference in the places we live and work, we give back through donations and by volunteering our services, supplies and people power. We also support our employees in their individual quests to better communities.

Safety by Choice

The protection of our employees and the public is always top of mind. Our award-winning training programs teach employees to identify and correct unsafe work practices immediately. We continuously improve by analyzing trends and sharing best practices.

It is about all of us

We value, respect, and rely on the uniqueness of our employees, clients and the communities where we live and work. Granite’s culture is inclusive of the diversity we enjoy today, tomorrow and into the future.



We have recently become aware of individuals, not associated with Granite Construction Incorporated (or its subsidiary companies) (“Granite” or “Company”), who have been sending out fake employment offers, advertising false openings (e.g. on job-boards), or sending false communications relating to fake recruitment activities or fake job opportunities, using the Granite name, in an apparent attempt to defraud would-be job candidates. Please be advised that Granite does not solicit candidates for employment via email, text, WhatsApp, or other similar media or application - nor do we require or ask for personally identifiable information, fees, or payments during any phase of the recruitment or hiring process.  

If any person solicits information, fees, or payments from you as part of the recruitment process or as part of an employment offer, you should assume that the communication is not from Granite and is not sanctioned or approved by our Company. All internet job postings can be validated by selecting See open jobs.  Further, any request for an interview will come from an email.

If you have received one of these offers or believe you have been the victim of fraudulent activity via the internet or otherwise, we would appreciate you notifying us  and filing a complaint with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center.