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Our Company

Granite is America's Infrastructure Company

Granite Construction Incorporated (NYSE: GVA), America’s Infrastructure Company, has a national workforce of 7,200 and a combined revenue of $3.4 billion annually. As an industry leader in the transportation, water resources and mineral exploration markets throughout North America, Granite provides infrastructure solutions for construction, program management, alternative procurement, and is a vertically-integrated contractor with aggregate materials reserves throughout the U.S.

Our Legacy

Deeply embedded in our nearly 100-year history is a culture of hard work, honesty and getting the job done right. Granite’s roots are traceable to California construction license No. 89, one of the first 100 licenses, 96 percent of which no longer exist. Our survival is not an accident. Hard work and unfaltering tenacity led us from quarrying granite rock, the stone that built the West, to paving the first roads into Yosemite and now to helping rebuild Ground Zero. Granite is—and will continue to be—part of a story much bigger than itself.

Our Leadership

From the start, great leaders were the heart of Granite and the visionaries that pushed our enterprise forward. Today is no different. Following in the footsteps of those before them, our leaders are driving Granite to the next level of success by leading with integrity, cultivating our people, engineering new opportunities and continuously expanding and diversifying our business.


The work we do today will have an impact on countless future generations—and we don’t take the responsibility lightly. We follow a comprehensive approach to sustainability, one that reduces our environmental impact and fosters positive community interactions in all aspects of our business. It is our instinct to constantly seek out new solutions and to create meaningful and sustained change today, tomorrow and for years to come.


Never settling for good enough and always striving for greatness, we’re proud to be recognized as an industry leader in safety, quality, environmental standards and ethics. Our reputation underpins our ability to attract loyal stakeholders, shareholders, customers, employees and partners. And we don’t take it for granted.

Our Brands

Our subsidiaries cover a range of expert construction services, capabilities and supplies, all sharing a united vision and set of core values. With solid parts that form a stronger whole, we deliver ideas, innovations and products that are shaping the future of construction and infrastructure.

News + Media

As we near 100 years of business, times are more exciting and innovative than ever. Stay current on news and happenings with our latest press releases and company fact sheets. Download our corporate logos and connect with our media contacts for more information.

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