At Granite, Inclusive Diversity is more than a concept.

We value, respect, and rely on the uniqueness of our employees, clients and communities where we live and work. Granite’s culture is inclusive of the diversity we enjoy today, tomorrow and into the future. We believe in Diversity and Inclusion. We act on Inclusive Diversity. 

Inclusive Diversity is about all of us. We embrace individual differences, and similarities, and are committed to our inclusive environment where everyone is welcomed. 

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Create Clarity
Create Clarity

It is important to define what Inclusive Diversity means at an individual, organizational and community level.

Develop Talent
Develop Talent

We are focused on strengthening our talent pipeline at all levels. A diverse workforce has many sustainable and business benefits. 

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Build Capability

We are committed to promoting a culture of strong understanding and growth mindset around Inclusive Diversity.

Building Value Together

Diversity is the "mix" and Inclusion is making the "mix" work with us all here at Granite. We continue to make meaningful efforts towards inclusive diversity. This includes providing a sense of belonging, and offering existing employees support through employee resource groups (ERGs). Granite's leadership stands behind this commitment, continuing to build value, together.