IDS provides the latest rental surveying tools and technology in the industry: Veracio, Stockholm Precision Tools, and Minnovare Azimuth Aligner® North-Seeking Gyro Rig Alignment System. Consider IDS when choosing trusted rental equipment for mineral exploration, civil as well as energy related projects worldwide.


IDS’s Veracio downhole instruments represent the latest addition to a growing line of rental equipment, providing customers with more options for collecting key downhole data. Current product line includes TRUSHOT and the AXIS CHAMP ORI. These instruments provide innovative digital core orientation and accurate magnetic deviation measurements.


Stockholm Precision Tools

Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT) manufactures the most sophisticated north-seeking gyro deviation survey instruments available. Built on a vast history of industry knowledge and extensive field application, these tools provide the highest level of accuracy, ease of use, and robustness at a highly competitive price. The current product line includes GyroMaster, GyroLogic and Core Retriever.

Minnovare Azimuth Aligner®

IDS’s Minnovare Azimuth Aligner® is a compact, portable, and highly accurate north-seeking gyro directional alignment instrument used on mining exploration and civil construction projects to automate the drill-rig alignment process – substantially increasing accuracy and efficiency, whilst reducing downtime and costs.

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