Arizona Region Wins 2024 AGC Build Arizona Award for Outstanding Private Reconstruction Project

Arizona Region Wins 2024 AGC Build Arizona Award for Outstanding Private Reconstruction Project

Stanfield, AZ – The Granite Arizona Region proudly accepts the prestigious 2024 AGC Build Arizona Award for their exceptional private reconstruction project: the Nissan Large Skid Pad. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in construction, safety, and leadership within the industry.

Project Overview

The Nissan Large Skid Pad Project, initiated in November 2022, aimed to breathe new life into an existing skid pad that had fallen into disrepair. Originally constructed in 2013, the skid pad had become unusable for vehicle testing due to subgrade issues, including heaving and asphalt cracking. By 2014, only a partial perimeter remained feasible for testing by Nissan.

Innovative Solutions

The reconstruction project tackled these challenges head-on. Here’s how Granite Arizona Region transformed the skid pad:

Pulverization and Aggregates: The existing 5” x 600,000 SF asphalt concrete skid pad was pulverized, creating a clean slate. Six inches of aggregate base were meticulously laid out for stability.

Subgrade Stabilization: To address the heaving problem, the subgrade underwent a transformation. Lime stabilization was applied, ensuring a solid foundation.

Precision Paving: A total of 21,000 tons of asphalt concrete were meticulously paved in three lifts, achieving a final tolerance of 0.02’. The result? A smooth, reliable surface for rigorous vehicle testing.

Going the Extra Mile

Granite Arizona Region exemplifies dedication and excellence. Their commitment to quality, safety, and innovation sets a benchmark for the industry. The AZAGC Build Arizona Awards celebrate not only outstanding projects but also the unwavering spirit of companies, partnerships, and individuals who make construction a success.


A special thank you to the team for their commitment to quality and to developing an excellent partnership with Nissan. We extend our gratitude to the Desert Cities Region who assisted our paving operations.