Granite’s CMGC Work Continues in Denali National Park

Granite’s CMGC Work Continues in Denali National Park

WATSONVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Granite (NYSE:GVA) has been awarded Option X for the Polychrome Area Improvements Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) project by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in Denali National Park in Alaska. This construction option is $51.5M, bringing the total value of awarded options to $67M since preconstruction began in January 2023. The overall contract is broken into three major options; Option W for long-lead materials procurements made as the design progressed, Option X for earthwork and staging, and Option Y for bridge construction. Detailed scope for the newly awarded Option X includes mobilization of equipment, setup of a remote worker camp in an existing National Parks Service material supply area, construction of contractor facilities and initial staging areas along the environmentally and culturally sensitive Denali Park Road, pioneering access to the site and across the landslide, performing earthwork and blasting of adjacent rock slopes, and rock bolting for slope stabilization.

The Polychrome Area Improvements project is located at the Pretty Rocks Landslide which intersects Denali Park Road near its midpoint at Mile 45.4. The project scope includes construction of an approximately 475-foot-long single-span steel truss bridge, which will span the active landslide. Supporting the bridge and improving ground conditions is a combination of earthwork, micropiles, rock anchors, precast concrete abutments, and thermosyphons. Thermosyphons are part of a passive heat exchange system designed to prevent permafrost from thawing and creating instability as temperatures increase due to climate change.

“Being awarded this package allows us to continue a highly dynamic and successful relationship with Denali National Park, Western Federal Lands Highway Division of the FHWA, our subcontractors, suppliers, and the design team to bring back public access to one of our national treasures,” said Granite VP of Regional Operations, Derek Betts. “Every aspect of this challenging project required robust participation by every team member in a highly collaborative CM/GC process.”

The CM/GC project delivery method involves the contractor during the design and planning phases, offering a lower risk profile for both the contractor and the owner while increasing the overall value to taxpayers. This process is designed to promote collaboration and to solicit value-adding feedback from the contractor.

Granite is scheduled to begin construction on the Earthworks Package in July of 2023. The Polychrome Area Improvements project is scheduled to be completed by July of 2026.

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