Granite's Nevada Region Office Attains Tier 1 Green Business Certification

Granite's Nevada Region Office Attains Tier 1 Green Business Certification

WATSONVILLE, Calif. — Granite (NYSE:GVA) is proud to announce that the Nevada Region Office located in Sparks, NV attained its Tier 1 Green Business Certification. This certification is an acknowledgment of the office’s prioritization of conservation and sustainability in their daily operations. This marks the sixth Granite facility with the Green Business Certification.

“As part of our sustainability strategic plan, we strive to improve sustainable operations—in our offices and our materials facilities,” explained Granite Sustainability Manager Raven Adams. “Our team in Nevada should be proud of this accomplishment, which marks Granite’s first Green Business Certification in the state.”

In alignment with Granite’s mission of sustainability, the Nevada Region has implemented several green initiatives, each targeting conservation of resources, pollution prevention, and reduction in utility costs through energy and water savings. These initiatives include upgrading facility lighting to LED bulbs, insulation improvements such as weather stripping and reflective window film, removing lawn and replacing it with xeriscaping and drip irrigation, and water and wastewater fixture replacements.

In terms of office supplies and amenities, the initiatives include adjusting office supply purchasing to require minimum 30% post-consumer waste recycled content, integration of reusable kitchenware, sustainable cleaning agents, and implementation of disposal stations specific for electronics, batteries, and single-stream recycling.  

“As an official Leader within the NV Green Business Network, the Nevada Region Office will continue to work diligently as environmental stewards for the local community,” said Chris Burke, Granite VP, Regional Operations. “Next steps of the Nevada Region’s sustainability efforts include working toward Green Business Certification for its Lockwood Facility.”