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Safety by Choice

From every construction project to every ton of material produced, the protection of our employees, the public and the environment is at the core of everything we do. Safety is more than a business commitment—it's our moral obligation. Each employee, from the craft worker to project executive, have the personal responsibility to follow and enforce all elements of Granite’s Safety Health and Management System. 

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Speak Up and Listen Up

Granite employees understand that safety is not something we do in addition to work; it’s how we work. Our award-winning training programs teach employees to identify and correct unsafe work practices immediately.

Granite Workers Consulting Plans
Best-in-Class Training

In addition to daily and weekly safety meetings, supervisors review and train employees using Granite's Job Hazard Analysis, a tool that integrates safety into every part of a project. 

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Audits and Inspections

Daily jobsite inspections and professional level management audits systematically reduce the chance of injuries and accidents. We continuously improve on safety by analyzing trends and sharing best practices.

Rigorous effort, rock-solid recognition