Granite VP Joins NAPA Advisory Council

Granite VP Joins NAPA Advisory Council

WATSONVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Granite (NYSE:GVA) announced today that District Vice President Ian Firth has been appointed to the National Asphalt Pavement Association’s (NAPA) Advisory Council West Region as an at large member. NAPA is the only national trade association representing the asphalt industry and works to advance the asphalt pavement industry through leadership, training, and advocacy. This includes supporting member companies on issues including engineering, health and safety, workforce development, and more.

The Advisory Council is charged with enhancing advocacy for the asphalt industry and supporting the active engagement of all the member companies. The regional structure of the council ensures representation from every region of the United States and members support NAPA’s Board of Directors by acting as conduits from individual states and regions to the national association.

“I’m honored to join the council and excited to get to work,” said Ian Firth. “Asphalt pavement is at the literal foundation of our transportation system and our industry has so much to offer as we serve and connect communities. As one of the only products that can be recycled again and again, asphalt has a significant role to play in a sustainable road system and Granite and NAPA are dedicated to the work and advocacy to maintain this resource into the future.”

Ian will join the Advisory Council West Region at the NAPA mid-year meeting in Brooklyn, New York at the end of July.

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