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International Directional Services

International Directional Services (IDS) offers expertise for borehole deviation surveys and directional drilling services in the mineral, energy, and civil markets. IDS provides its customers with five product and service lines: downhole deviation surveys, directional drilling services, downhole instrumentation sales and rentals, directional mud motor sales, and borehole geophysics in select international markets.

Directional Drilling
Directional Drilling

IDS brings over 50 years of experience delivering global directional drilling programs. Our team of experts provide strategic planning and precise execution of programs to reach targets for mineral exploration, coal degasification and civil infrastructure projects. IDS delivers consistent performance and precision in directional drilling projects at exceptionally competitive rates.

Deviation Surveys
Deviation Surveys

IDS delivers accurate and reliable borehole deviation data. We employ robust down-hole survey technology, as well as versatile tools and solutions for drill programs for both surface and underground projects. We offer professional verification of borehole deviation data. Our solutions are tailored to specific needs, including importing Gyro Data directly into most mine design modeling programs.

Product Sales
Product Sales

As a leader in directional drilling and borehole surveying, IDS offers a variety of proven tools and equipment to clients and contractors in the industry. This includes directional motors, non-magnetic drill rods, deviation survey, and core orientation tools. We support our client's comprehensive drill programs with a wide variety of cutting-edge technical tools.

Instrument Rentals
Instrument Rentals

IDS provides the latest rental surveying tools and technology in the industry: Boart Longyear, Stockholm Precision Tools, and Minnovare Azimuth Aligner® North-Seeking Gyro Rig Alignment System. Consider IDS when choosing trusted rental equipment for mineral exploration, civil as well as energy related projects worldwide.

Geophysical Logging
Geophysical Logging

IDS is a leading provider of borehole geophysical logging services in select international mining and civil construction markets. Logging parameters include, but are not limited to: optical and acoustic televiewer, caliper, electric logs, magnetic data, natural gamma, fluid flow and resistivity/conductivity, video.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

IDS maintains a rigorous QA/QC program for delivered data quality which includes comprehensive employee training programs, routine data reviews, and instrument calibration facilities and protocols. Additionally, IDS’s technical expertise and modern instrument fleet allows us to provide customers with a robust formal QA/QC program for data collected by both IDS and other providers. IDS can design and implement a custom-tailored QA/QC program for even the most challenging projects.

Contact the IDS Team

Jason Smith
GM, IDS | Chandler, AZ
Kelly Smith
OM, IDS | Chandler, AZ
Dave DuCote
OM, IDS | Mexico
+52 662 233 4131
Dustin Hanson
OM, IDS | Canada

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The newly formed Water and Mineral Services (WMS) Group develops and delivers water resources, mineral exploration and drilling solutions, as well as trenchless pipe rehabilitation services. Through the combined strength of the WMS brands: Layne, IDS, Granite Inliner, Liner Products and LiquiForce,  there are over 2,300 employees throughout over 50 offices in North and South America.